About the Goat and the Hippie Chick

The Goat and the Hippie Chick…

sounds like the start of a weird joke. But it’s not. What it is, is a blog about life, and attempting to lead a meaningful life while treading lightly on the Earth and living in “any town” USA.

The title originated in the summer of 2013 during an event that my DH and I were hosting. When a man we know, who lives a few states away, arrived on location, we weren’t there yet. A friend of ours asked this out-of-towner if he knew us. The out-of-towner responded, “The Goat and the Hippie Chick? Yeah, I know them”. This new moniker became a joke between us and a few our friends, and when I started to contemplate writing a blog, it seemed a fitting title.

I started this blog as a way for me to express some of the regular frustrations, joys, and the decisions I make while trying to live life.  You see, like many people, I’d like to leave the world a better place…but that requires daily decisions.  Things as seemingly simple as, “Can I recycle this yogurt container?  And if not, do I buy this yogurt next time?”; and as complicated as what appliance to purchase when an old one finally dies.

These little daily decisions often get me thinking about the larger picture and my place on the planet. So this blog has become the place where I take a moment to deliberate and discuss my thoughts and ideas about living lightly.


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