Quitting or Starting Something New?

Recently, I did something that I can only remember doing once before – I didn’t finish a book I was reading. I know for many, that’s not a big deal. But as I said, I only remember doing it once before. I’ve read entire 800 page cookbooks cover to cover – literally. I’ve trudged through […]

Busy doing nothing.

Three months?! Three months since I last blogged? I know I’ve been busy, but it feels like I’ve been busy doing nothing. While I know that’s not true, it’s quite easy to feel like you’re getting nothing done as you go about your day to day life – putting out (figurative) fires one day, recouping […]

Dream House is (Almost) Home

It’s a funny thing, when I picture my “dream house” I often envision one of four scenarios (I love old buildings!) – a big old Victorian home, a smallish Arts and Crafts style bungalow, an above the store apartment, or a nonconventional building turned house (barn, church, gas station, etc.).  But they all have a […]