Go Team Go!

Recently a regional professional sports team won their league title – you know the best thing that could ever happen to their team.  I understand that that’s a big deal.  Afterall, achieving the best you can in your chosen profession is always pretty damn cool.  What I don’t relate to is the reaction of so […]

I’ll let the dog out.

Two Saturdays ago, our schedules changed abruptly.  We got a 3 year old Airedale Terrier named Charlie Brown.  He’s been a jumping, wriggling, bounding, bundle of fun – and my glasses will never be clean again.  After losing The Jasmanian Devil a year ago, The Goat and I had fallen into a less regimented schedule, […]

We’re not being excellent to each other.

“Be excellent to each other…” – Bill & Ted I’ve been putting off blogging because I’ve just got so many thoughts running through my head.  Personally I’ve been struggling with a number of things like my health, my business, and my faith.  Those are some big issues, and they are all entwined.  And then, if […]