Another Unsuccessful Year in the Garden

I’m pretty sure I should quit trying to be a vegetable gardener; I should just accept my failures and move on. But I keep oohing and ahhing over the beautiful catalogs containing so many tempting and unique varieties.  Especially now, as many of us start planning our fall and winter gardens.  I really do want […]

Critter Control Sans Dog.

As you know, if you follow my blog, we lost our dog in May.  I still miss her, and I knew she was an active hunter.  But I didn’t realize just how great of a hunter she really was, or just how good she was at her job.  I’m finding out that critter control was a […]

City critters welcome in our urban jungle.

As I sit here, on our back porch, wrapped in a blanket, wearing a jacket (it’s around 50F – in July!), and listening to all the early morning commotion, I realize how hard it can be to explain to some country folk that city living can be noisy – but not the noisy most automatically […]